Opening a new Chapter

When I last wrote here, I describe the quandary of time available vs. time required,  and offered that Renaissance – for all her attributes and beauty – wasn’t the boat for us and our evolving sailing dreams.

For those of you hoping for an uplifting, Disney/Hollywood end to the story, I fear I may be a bit disappointing, and yet…

We’ve found a new home for Renaissance, at least the major part of her.  Through the grapevine and “Uncle Henry’s” (the Maine swap & Sell weekly), I connected with a fellow in Blue Hill Maine who’s in the final phases of building an absolutely stunning new wooden boat – check out his blog here: And one of his needs for the completion of the project is lead for the 6000# ballast.

You can see where this is going. We’ve been looking for a home for Renaissance for about 6 weeks now, and have followed a fair number of leads, but the ultimate response is always the same – it’s too much work, too much money, not worth it…  Still, we feel some responsibility to her, and if we can’t see the project completed, if she must end up in the scrap heap, at least parts of her can be used to make other dreams happen, to launch other lives into adventure.

Once the snow melts and the ground hardens up enough to get a truck in here, I’ll open up the end of the boatshed and Renaissance will make her final journey – over land – before her rebirth in the keel of the Susan Elaine. 

It’s not the path I’d hoped for, not the end I’d planned, but it is somehow comforting to know that when the couple building the Susan E. head south in a couple years, about a third of s/v Renaissance will sail with them.

And what of our plans and dreams? Well, I’ve seen enough of my contemporaries die or develop significant health issues in their 50’s to reinforce my “Do it sooner” mentality, so we’ve raided our retirement funds for a down payment and signed a purchase agreement for a boat that’s ready to sail now, ready to explore the Inter Coastal Waterway and Bahamas at a moment’s notice – ready to make dreams come true.

Meet Sionna, a 1963 Triangle 32, Center-cockpit ketch.


The adventure continues.


One thought on “Opening a new Chapter

  1. Hi there, sorry to hear about your end with your A35. I have one as well and wondered if you were selling any of the stuff from yours? You can contact me at jeaton237 at

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