Workin’ for a living…

First off, many thanks to the folks who’ve signed up to track our progress on “Renaissance”.  Perhaps you’ve been thinking we gave up?  Not so!

But we have been very busy elsewhere.  Both living and boat restoration require a bit of money coming in, and that’s been a  bit scarce the last few months.  In hopes of correcting that problem, the admiral and I have started a new business called. “Handy-Hands – home maintenance and repair”.  (Check it out on Facebook or    We do the jobs that most folks might do themselves if they had the time, tools, skills or dexterity, but for whatever reason don’t.  It’s fun, but busy!

But we have managed a little progress toward the dream!  In August we attended our first gathering (called a “Gam”) of the SSCA – the Seven Seas Cruising Association.  Hosted by a couple in Gilkey Harbor, Isleboro island, Maine, this gathering happens every year, and included 65 boats and 125 cruisers ranging in experience from beginner wanna-be’s like us to couples that have circled the globe more than once – and everything in between.  (

It was – in short – a blast.  I’ve seldom encountered a more welcoming, enthusiastic, warm-hearted and helpful group of people! Every conversation turned into “What are your plans and how can I help?” Just delightful!

Meanwhile we have spent only minutes at a time on the projects, but we have made a little more progress.  All the deck fittings and hardware are off the starboard side, the rest of the toe-rail came off INTACT, meaning that I have a pattern for creating the new one.  The pictures I’ve posted show the port side rail coming off in dust-sized pieces, so that was a relief indeed.  Yesterday I finally removed the starboard winch pad – intact as well – by hacksawing the final bolt (the others loosened fine, but not that last one!)   So again, I have a pattern.  I can’t actually make the new pads until I find the new winches, which may have a different sized base.  Anyone have a pair of 35-40 power self-tailing winches to contribute? Self-tailing is a minimum, but single or two-speed is negotiable.

So there we stand.  The weather is cooling off, making working in the greenhouse more comfortable, and perhaps I’ll be able to take one day a week – or even a half day – to devote to the boat.  One thing I know about myself – I need to see a little progress on this project to keep my energy up.


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